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    Daybreak Expanding

    They acquired Cold Iron Studios and the new alien game New Alien Game Will Still Happen Thanks To EverQuest Developer
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    Wow no posts on this topic

    SOE founder, Daybreak president John Smedley steps away from company
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    Raids that can be Boxed with 2 groups

    I am looking for a list of raids that can be boxed by 2 groups: Tanks: Warrior, Paladin Healers: Cleric, Shaman, Druid Nuke DPS: Enchanter, Wizard, Mage Melee: Bard, Ranger, Berserker, Rogue I will likely be using MQ2Bot or Bot.mac for this. Any advice would be appreciated I am going to be...
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    SOE Live 2014

    The new expansion, all zones will be live on release and there will be 8. There will be a level increase to 105. There will be a balance penalty for casters, they will not have full power on their spells will need to spend as on different lines to get full power to their spells. The new...
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    Patient Bear

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    Suggestions of what mobs to 6-box

    Former raid mobs i have killed 6 boxing: 1. Sverag Mobs 2. Mad Mary 3. Vasella 4. First 4 events in anguish 5. Zi'Thuuli 6. Maggotmiser I am looking for new challenges, any suggestions? Have warrior, rogue, ranger, shaman, enchanter, paladin, cleric, monk, wizard which i can use
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    Has anyone used this plugin? Mq2Autobuff