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    mq2eqbc problems

    I expect to have a new release out for my EQBCS server sometime over the next few days. Just hardening and testing some changes I've been working on recently.
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    MySEQ Open EqMule build.

    That was the case with ShowEQ, though I'd recommend a switch with port mirroring rather than a hub. This post however is about My ShowEQ which is similar, except it runs on the computer with EQ running. MySEQ could be potentially detected, while ShowEQ would be undetectable.
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    MQ2EQBC server on NAS (Synology?)

    I have a version of the EQBC server that will run on the NAS. Shoot me a PM sometime and we can work on getting that accomplished for you.
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    cannot log in

    lol, great show.
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    Google Tried to Ruin My Marriage!

    incognito is fine as long as you remember to use it. edit: As long as you don't log into your google account while in that mode!
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    Google Tried to Ruin My Marriage!

    Most browsers these days have that "private browsing" feature... That's for porn!
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    Techie Question

    Sounds like the device itself had the programming logic and stored it internally. It could then send a sequence of inputs to the computer.
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    Well, it seems like ubertrade is being killed server side now. I spent a bit of time today working on this. I was able to update the plugin for the emulator compile, but not able to get that feature working. Sorry man, seems like it's dead now.
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    MMOBugs MQ2 Installation for Emulator Clients - Problem Reports

    Take a look at this table and instead of putting the slot number like this 21_Slot=13 use the slot name instead. 21_Slot=mainhand I use twist on my bard to add in clickies on my feet and arms and it works great.
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    GPU for 6 Boxing

    EQ isn't really graphic intensive, but when loading multiple sessions, the bottleneck is often the texture cache and such. Look for a card with a decent amount of RAM and have fun. Also, yes crossfire / SLI isn't useful for boxing. It's more for running a single game at max settings. Some of...
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    Guide Request for EQBC and MQ2Bot

    Just for everyone's reference, only /bct ToonName or /bca allow slash commands to be sent. It worked in Huseng's case only because he specified the name of the character after /bc, but that's not ideal as it causes each character to process the message rather than just the intended target...
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    Rof going live on EMU, is there a build for it?

    nodoors isn't even there on live right now. There is doorsstayopen though. nostun2 is there however, and I fixed all the docracks with exception to hiderun. I'll attach the file to this post for now. In regards to docrack crashing, until I can debug this the work-around is to load EQ fully...
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    Try swapping out the server from the original to the one I wrote. It was designed specifically to solve that problem. Should be a copy of it in your MQ2 folder.
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    1 toon per core / 4 core

    The RAM she ordered is correct. If you look up your motherboard on newegg, and click on the "Specifications" tab, you will see this for supported memory. DDR3 3200(OC)/3100(OC)/3000(OC)/2933(OC)/2800(OC)/2666(OC)/2600(OC)/2500(OC)/2400(OC)/2200(OC)/2133(OC)/2000(OC)/1866(OC)/1800(OC)/1600/1333...
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    1 toon per core / 4 core

    If you look in your eqclient.ini file (found in your Everquest folder) you'll see some CPUAffinity lines. CPUAffinityX=Y Where X counts the running EQ sessions, and where Y counts your cores. Both values start the count at 0. So if you have two cores, and two characters and you want them each on...