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    MQ2Navigation Back port to UF Feasible?

    Nice surprise to come back to, I'll take a look :)
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    Looking forward to trying it, the stuff you have been getting done in discord looks great.
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    Giving away the magic sauce - mq2bot rework source code github

    Cool, it's working, I must have done something wrong prior. thanks man
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    Giving away the magic sauce - mq2bot rework source code github

    Hey Pete, tried to use the beta. /botlist comes up as an invalid command. Also where should it dump the .ini if you use /bot populate spell. I'm afraid it might not be working as well.
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    MQ2Navigation Back port to UF Feasible?

    Did this actually happen? Not in my folder even after looking for updates
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    Macro CheckBarter.mac by Chatwiththisname

    Not playing live right now, but thanks for sharing, good stuff
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    EverQuest Patch Notes - July 19, 2017

    Tradeskill stacking change is pretty sweet
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    Kronos Krono's $10.00 Each

    Picked up 3 tonight... fast response, great transaction!
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    Sorry for your loss.
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    Planar Projection hail macro?

    Just whipped this up, requires MQ2Nav and a valid mesh for the zone Sub Main /declare Hailed int outer /varset Hailed 0 :loop /call WaitForTarget /call HailTarget /goto :loop Sub WaitForTarget /if (!${Target.ID}) { /delay 30s /tar npc "A Planar Projection" } /if (!${Target.ID}) { /echo...
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    bot40 and MQ2Nav

    There are a few changes in the syntax of navigation to locations, it's on the mq2nav github, pretty easy to find
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    MQ2Nav Release Thread

    Yeah not sure why it wasn't working earlier, working great now
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    MQ2Nav Release Thread

    Hey brainiac is there something i have to do to get the door opening working? Was messing around in house of Thule and they weren't opening
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    MQ2Nav Release Thread

    Nice! haven't been on live for a while but will go on to check this out