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    MMOBugs vs RedGuides

    Only true to a point. The reason I was unwilling to update mq2bot was because it required a total rework and I knew full well nobody would help me do that. Even with that I knowledge I still started and got the exected 0 feedback or help. That project has been sitting openly on my github for...
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    MQ2bot question. / lazyfind

    Ooh, i got this. Here you go. ini version remake started.. if someone wants to finish it, here is all the started code:
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    Pet Targeting

    for macros in general: /tar name does a GetSpawnByPartialName() check. /target id is more reliable because it does not use a partial match and IDs are unique. So anything /tar id ${Spawn[blah].ID} cannot fail you even when multiple spawns have the same DisplayName. you can also use "=" for...
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    Plugin MQ2Bot

    i added the shaman rez stick last update. can look at wintry gift
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    Giving away the magic sauce - mq2bot rework source code github

    picked this back up and have been working on it a couple weeks. refactored a ton of stuff and am now focusing on making sure all lines of buffs are detected. Could use help from people as i dont have anyone above level 100 and i only have a few classes. Therefore, I cannot verify if spells are...
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    XP exploit

    I used to use this tactic all the time in old version, and a few other zones. i dont recall anyone getting in trouble over using NPC vs NPC but then again i havent played in 5 years.
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    Thinking About Coming Back after 12 years

    you checking the correct server? might have been sold off if someone had your account. you can get a heroic character for $35 or whatever that is level 85, has gear, plat, and some AAs i think.
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    Plugin MQ2Bot

    Updated bot, will go live whenever merge happens. Please let me know if any issues. Todo board: Fixes: HealPets should now actually check if statements. Aggro discs should now hopefully work to get you aggro but still show up under Discs...
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    Cleric Bot - call of the herald

    alternatively, you can make the statement: CallIf0=${Bot.Adds} That way it only triggers if you are actively have mobs in a fight at you.
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    constant casting

    I looked up the spell you mentioned. it appears Feralist's Unity casts the highest rank of Natural Alliance as a buff. So either you have something that doesnt stack with it or it isnt detecting best of line properly. Short term fix would be: BuffIf0=(!${Me.Buff[Natural Alliance].ID} &&...
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    Plugin MQ2Bot requests for Necro

    Dying Grasp is already in as a Lifetap. Can set it for low health only if statement if you want. ie. LifeTapIf0=${Me.PctHPs}<15 Added rest. I had intentionally not added Blood Magic previously due to potential of killing yourself.. but i understand high level heroes have way more HPs than in...
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    MQ2Bot Using 110 Discs/Abilities

    Bot should only need updates for new AAs and new spell trees/types. Bot auto finds new discs/spells and doesnt require updates for those. MQ2Melee needs the full blown new disc list AFAIK. If something new isnt detecting correctly or isnt being used, let us know. The easiest way is...
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    Plugin MQ2Bot

    Side note semi newsworthy update: I added in IgnoreTheseSkills= into the ini. whatever spells/discs you add there should be perma ignored. it is currently only checking on discs to see if it works. but this means if you have two discs or spells of the same line you can ignore the highest level...
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    Plugin MQ2Bot

    using any Target.whatever info on debuffs will leave you having a bad time as debuffs do not require you to target anything until you actually cast something. unless you just happen to be targeting the mob you want then Target.stuff doesnt even check. It isnt coded that way. The bot should be...
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    Plugin MQ2Bot requests for Necro

    Sure. i dont read forums a ton these days. so emailing me at or dropping them in discord via PM are the quickest routes to getting anything added. I will work in these necro ones today. some monk and warrior ones were added in last night.