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    Moving forward

    Enchanter can mez in fire fight. At 115, it was trivial for my group, I just deflection on my paladin and enchnter mezzes.
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    Daybreak Expanding

    They acquired Cold Iron Studios and the new alien game New Alien Game Will Still Happen Thanks To EverQuest Developer
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    Plugin Overseer

    Currently, on some accounts, it will do a rare conversion where there is not 2+ of rare toon. It does this only when there is a common conversion and uncommon conversion being done.
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    Plugin Overseer

    I think pause until the reward window opens again should work if it fails to pop the merc should work. As at that time it will be looking to collect.
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    Plugin Overseer

    It should be an option to toggle on and off to have merc popped if in combat. If you are in combat or full group, then I would see it claiming the reward rather than holding unless it is easy to place a hold on it to allow the user to sit long enough to be out of combat and allow for merc to...
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    Plugin Overseer

    Would it be possible to add a pop your merc for collecting character experience as a reward option for the little merc aa you get from it?
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    Plugin Overseer

    This looks pretty awesome.
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    Raids that can be Boxed with 2 groups

    I think he is referring to the corrupted temple of veeshan.
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    Plugin Overseer

    I would pay $20 for this.
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    Raids that can be Boxed with 2 groups

    Raid Expedition: Temple of Fear's Fall The first event was easy but having trouble with the ice and push back from the other dragons. Any advice to get too s down and engaged after the tank runs down to directional set the dragon to have the push back into cubby. Currently using core.mac and...
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    Thinking About Coming Back after 12 years

    Mq2eqwire really helps with CPU resources. It is a great plugin that I would recommend using.
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    Crack downs on mq2 :(

    I would not use fartaunt Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
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    best 6 box group makeup

    6 beastlords because beastmaster was an awesome movie. Seriously, it comes down to play style and gear. Melee can look very botted depending on the macros used. Tank, shaman, bard and 3 zerkers would put out lot of dps. Missing a cleric but can always Merc for buffs. Tank, cleric, enchanter...
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    Macro GroundGrab.mac

    Thanks it works awesome Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk