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    It means its lore once you equip it but can carry multiples that are not attuned, for selling.
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    XP Problem

    My box group is made up of RAF (refer a friend) accounts with the xp bonus. It has been working fine for years. main account is the tank, the rest are RAF. When grouped and killing together at the same level they all get a 100% xp bonus. The last few weeks the bard has been lagging behind...
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    Location Check

    Perfect, this is exactly what I needed thanks so much! /moveto Loc -600 600 :minimoveloop /if (${Math.Distance[-600, 600]}>10) { /goto :minimoveloop }
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    Location Check

    In my macro I am trying to run to a location, and then verify I am there. I have used delays, but I really want to check that I have arrived. /moveto Loc -600 600 :moveloop /if (${Me.Moving}) { /goto :moveloop } I am using this and it works ok, but if I get stuck...
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    new pc random freezing

    I just got two new pc's, both the same. Ryzen 5 2600 6-Core 3.4GHz NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 TI 6GB 16 GB DDR4 3000 I play 5 accounts on each, and two of them will freeze randomly. it doesn't seem to have a pattern, first or last logged in etc. sometimes it happens when they are doing...
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    Check if I have aggro

    Thanks Fry that is perfect!
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    Check if I have aggro

    I cant seem to find this, and old search turned up: Me.TargetofTarget but this didnt work (no such character Member) I saw (${Melee.GotAggro}) but it said it was part of Mq2melee which I dont always use. Basically I will use it to pop discs or aa's when my melee toons pull aggro or the tank...
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    Help my bard sucks!

    Background: I run sk, healer merc, bard, zerk, zerk, zerk. As a group they are beast, all group geared, gmm, 30k aa plus. I see so much information that is contradictory about the bard. the sk is averaging about 200k dps with 2 hander, the zerks are around 250 to 500k dps depending on whats...
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    mq2melee spamming

    My warrior gets spammed with you cant use that skill when two handed weapons equipped. Anyone know what skill it is so I can turn it off?
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    MQ2Melee Question

    thank you for the answer, I think I will use holyshits for now then to make sure.
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    MQ2Melee Question

    as my melee toons lvl to 110 will they automatically start using the new skills htey get in melee, or do I need to change/reload the plugin for them each time I get a new skill?
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    Is RoS Group Progression Linked to EoK?

    I searched around a little but having no luck here, is there a list of bare minimum tasks for the bots I can do, have a toon that can request all missions etc.
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    What's a good 5box combo?

    Druid heals and has ports, and can smack down 100k dps in dots, the sham buffs dont do a lot for the zerk dps, not enough to lose ports, or drop a zerk for one in my opinion. I do have a shaman for buffs though, but they last a long time, and just campfire in to rebuff when needed.
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    What's a good 5box combo?

    I have every class in t2 eok and max aa, the best combination I can pull off is: Sk, druid, bard, zerk, zerk, zerk. I try everything I can to beat this combo, and rotate toons all the time, but for group gear and content, there is nothing I cant beat easy and fast with that team.
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    stick question

    My berserker used to battle leap in combat and then back up so he could see target again, but now he just stands on top of the target and cant hit . I have been changing a bunch of stuff in his macro lately and cant figure out what will get him to do it again. Any tips, is it mq2melee setting...