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    New Website

    htw give me back my accounts fucker, i log into this site and saw my onlyfans got jacked ffs, you need to stop these antics right now.
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    Auto Combines

    For a simple combining macro, I use this. I believe it was included in base bugs load out.
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    Macro Anniversary - PubCrawl.mac

    Used it earlier this AM, works perfectly! Just follow the instructions.
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    Account WTB Max AA TBL Shaman

    - delet plz
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    MQ2Bot (Old Version - Archived)

    SHD is targeting BST's target. BST is targeting SHD's target. Best to have 1 assist, one you manually control or automate, and the rest simply X1 target assist.
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    Service TDS raid achievements

    Vanquisher of The Darkened Sea
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    Casino.mac w/ Stats

    Why is this not included in the build!? Works still btw even with 40+ slot bags (recent two last slot error). Edit: Moving stacks like Pandos muffins works wonders too!
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    Service TDS raid achievements

    Like what we talkin for Emprah!?
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    Question New looking for advice

    SHD + SHM is legit. Tried and true. ENC and WIZ just adds squishy fodder, while useful, the SHM would be my choice on the SHD... support heals and all the buffs/debuffs to compliment the SHD. Keep your WIZ in pocket for transporation, that's nice. ENC, same deal, buff bot but not out in the field.
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    An Epic Retelling

    No. You do your 1.0 and 2.0 and unlock the third appearance. That quest series is just to get class specific ornamentations.
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    Plugin MQ2HUD & MQ2Targets requests

    MQ2HUD Is it possible to incorporate the function $arr used in MQ2Targets so that we can display the same list in MQ2HUD's section as it would show on MQ2Targets? Would it be possible to use the target list to referece with for /targ? MQ2Targets Allow a toggle that can be saved to char.ini's...
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    Items Earring of Living Slime

    Got one, please disregard!