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Welcome to MMOBugs Wiki


MMOBugs is a community dedicated to supporting EverQuest users by providing cheats, hints, tips, and guides. Registering now will get you one step closer to access in only a few seconds!

We specialize in giving you the inside view on EverQuest which is normally unavailable to the general public. MMOBugs has the best cheats, guides, macros, plug-ins, and underground information that you will find anywhere on the web, with one of the most powerful and supportive communities and developers!

We cater to all levels of computer literacy. We don't expect everyone to be an expert, but have experts available so you don't spend days figuring out how to use certain programs or plug-ins. Our support staff and developers will guide you through any difficulties without the usual "noob" attitude or other unhelpful comments that can be associated with other sites. Our staff and members have countless years experience in massive multiplayer online gaming and will help give you the upper hand over everyone else in EverQuest.

We recommend first time users to visit our FAQ for the most commonly asked questions and how to get started.

You can find the general MQ2 information FAQ here for more information as to what MQ2 in implimentation with Everquest, along with the list of "docracks" available through the basic parts of this program.

For those interested, here is a summary of most code differences a user or macro coder would notice between 'stock' macroquest2, and mmobugs: MMOBugs Code Differences

Finally, you can find out the basics to using and opimizing MQ2 by reading this FAQ which referrs to good information for beginners.

If you would like to learn more about the MQ2 program itself, visit the MQ2 Main Wiki.

What Isn't Finished

This wiki is far from complete. We need your help to fill it full of information! Below is a list of topics or areas that need work or improvement

Getting Started

The Getting Started page is intended to be the introduction guide to everything that a new user would need to know to hit the ground running. Obviously this page needs content.

Plugin Documentation

Currently we have a (mostly) complete Plugin List which is the documentation for each plugin.

FAQ Pages

Naturally a wiki is a great place for information such as FAQs, the following links could be converted to wiki and enhanced to provide greater detail of information:


Anything that needs some explanation should have documentation here. Do you have some information about a macro that you find useful, or a how-to guide for a quest? The wiki is a great place for this kind of information.

If you are editing or creating new pages in the MMOBugs Wiki, please see the Style Guide. A Sandbox has been created for testing and learning wiki markup, content created here will not be saved.

Discussion Pages

Each wiki page has a link at the top entitled discussion. If you would like to discuss the content contained on a particular page, you can use that link to create a discussion thread on the MMOBugs forums. You will then be redirected to the forum where you can add a post to ask a question or add to a preexisting discussion.

Please use common sense, unnecessary or unhelpful discussion threads will be deleted.

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